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Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States - Biography

Death of a Nation Documentary History. Clinton Cash The Obama Deception Video Michael Moore Hates America I Want Your Money Hannity TV Series News Talk-Show. Talk show covering politics and daily news on weeknights. Watters' World TV Series Hillary: The Movie Hating Breitbart Edit Cast Credited cast: Jay Bastian Himself Joe Biden Himself archive footage Cait Brasel White captures and explains what America means—and what it means to be an American—in the twenty-first century.

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This open access version made available with the support of libraries participating in Knowledge Unlatched. Kerbel, Villanova University, author of Netroots: Online Progressives and the Transformation of American Politics "This delightfully written and accessible book is the best available account of the changes in culture, society and politics that have given us Barak Obama's America.

Simien, Political Science Quarterly "The work is both readable and entertaining, and the combination of history, big ideas, and accessibility makes it a good target for an undergraduate audience. All rights reserved. Supplemental Materials Bibliography - web only.

Trump overshadowed by Obama rallies

Media Kit Author Photo. America at Risk. America Beyond Black and White. Presidential Elections, While much of the rest of the country struggled to get by, the wealthy got wealthier and multimillionaires and billionaires achieved greater political and cultural power. Why had Obama chosen this elitist path?

Obama the Carpenter: The President’s National Security Legacy

It boils down to this: Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, was the product of a Democratic Party that had forgotten its history and legacy. They abandoned New Deal and Great Society liberalism in favor of a new dogma that came to be known as neoliberalism — a view of society in which markets and financial instruments, rather than government policy and direct intervention, are seen as the best way to achieve social ends. Obama aimed to address the climate crisis by setting up a market for carbon, and his plan for improving education focused on technocratic, standards-based reform.

It is tricky to criticize Obama from the left in the Trump era. It is also worth noting that, ahem, parts of the punditocracy shared his market-fetishizing philosophy: I wrote skeptically of antitrust prosecution against Google in , , and The long history of Democratic populism is unknown to most liberals today. Only now, in the age of Sanders and Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are we beginning to relearn the lessons of the past.

For at least three decades, neoliberalism has brought the left economic half-measures and political despair. Farhad wants to chat with readers on the phone.