Science (Vol. 306, No. 5702, December 2004)

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The methodology underlying the two papers differs, especially in that Cook and colleagues used a web-based, randomized abstract distribution and review process — and polled individual authors as a second check on their categorization. But the result, like several survey-based papers published in the last few years, is essentially the same. Climate scientists agree that humans are causing climate change, and they have agreed on this for some time.

Perhaps the one new finding in this paper is the quantitative demonstration that the consensus existed by But further quantitative confirmation that these earlier studies were not far out on a limb is nice to have. Morris, N. Cabrol, K. Lewis, and C. Rodionov, T. McCoy, B. Gellert, L. Nittler, W. Ruff, J. Ashley, D. Mittlefehldt, K. Herkenhoff, I. Fleischer, A. Haldemann, G.

Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming

Morris, P. Weitz, A. Zipfel, and T. Soderblom, J. Johnson, J. Joseph, and M. Bell, R. Golombek, R. Greeley, K. Thompson, P. Whelley, and J. Pinet, G. Berger, M. Toplis, T. McCoy, R. Gellert, and J. Usui, T. McSween Jr. Li, J. Johnson, W.

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Cloutis, R. Crumpler, S. Squyres, S. McLennan, K. Herkenhoff, S. Ruff, A. Knudson, W. Chen, and R. Yen, A. Morris, B. Gellert, A. Mittlefehldt, D. Arvidson, T. McCoy, M. Schmidt, J. Hurowitz, R. Li, and J. Li, N. Cabrol, and L. Neakrase , Morphology and texture of particles along the Spirit rover traverse from sol to sol , J.

The scientific consensus on global warming

Science This is a scientific paper published in Science, vol. Knoll, R. Arvidson, B. Clark, J. Grotzinger, B. McLennan, N. Tosca, J. Bell, III, W. Glotch, M. McSween, and A. E12, Several of these papers also discuss the Spirit mission.

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Poulet, R. Bibring, J. Bell, S. Squyres, P. Christensen, G. Bellucci, B. Gondet, B. Ehlmann, W.

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Fergason, M. Griffes, J. Langevin, D. Ming, K. Seelos, R. Ward, S. Wiseman, and M. Wolff , Nature and origin of the hematite-bearing plains of Terra Meridiani based on analyses of orbital and Mars Exploration rover data sets , J. Savransky, and M. Clark, B. Richter, S. Michalski, W. Farrand, A.

Yen, K. Bell , Evidence for montmorillonite or its compositional equivalent in Columbia Hills, Mars , J. Jolliff, A. McLennan, S. Calvin, J. Grotzinger, R. Thompson, W. Watters, and A. Glotch, T. Bandfield , Determination and interpretation of surface and atmospheric Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer spectral end-members at the Meridiani Planum landing site , J. Bandfield, P. Christensen, W. Calvin, S. McLennan, B. Clark, A. Squyres , Mineralogy of the light-toned outcrop at Meridiani Planum as seen by the Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer and implications for its formation , J.

Goetz, W. Leer, H. Gunnlaugsson, P. Bartlett, B. Basso, J. Binau, P. Chu, S. Hansen, S. Hviid, K. Kinch, G. Kusack, M. Madsen, D. Morris, E. Mumm, T. Myrick, M. Olsen, S. Wilson, and A. Grant, L. Crumpler, R. Sullivan, P. Christensen, L. Soderblom, and S. Whelley, R. Cabrol, D. Foley, B. Franklin, P. Geissler, M. Kuzmin, G. Neakrase, S. Squyres, and S. McLennan, H. McSween, P. DeSouza, and G. Jerolmack, D. Mohrig, J.

Grotzinger, D. Fike, and W. Watters , Spatial grain size sorting in eolian ripples and estimation of wind conditions on planetary surfaces: Application to Meridiani Planum, Mars , J. Sohl-Dickstein, W. Grundy, R. Graff, E. Kinch, R. Morris, and M. Grundy, M. Lemmon, J. Bell, M. Deen, R. Arvidson, W. Guinness, A.

Hayes, K. Herkenhoff, F. Seelos, J.

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Squyres , Spectrophotometric properties of materials observed by Pancam on the Mars Exploration Rovers: 2. Opportunity , J. Sohl-Dickstein, J. Goetz, and G. Arvidson, K. Di, M. Guinn, A. Matthies, M. Malin, T.

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Parker, S. Squyres, and W. Watters , Opportunity rover localization and topographic mapping at the landing site of Meridiani Planum, Mars , J. Rodionov, A. Yen, D. Ming, P. Wdowiak, I. Gellert, B. Bernhardt, U. Bonnes, B. Cohen, E. Evlanov, J. Foh, P. Kankeleit, T. Mittlefehldt, F. Renz, M. Schmidt, B. Zubkov, S. Squyres, and R. Christensen, D. Blaney, W. Michalski, J. Moersch, S. Wright, and S.

Smith, M. Wolff, N. Spanovich, A. Ghosh, D. Banfield, P. Landis, and S. Bollen, J. Cabrol, W. Carr, P. Christensen, B. Clark, L. Crumpler, D. Des Marais, C. Economou, J. Folkner, R. Gellert, T. Golombek, S. Gorevan, J. Greeley, J. Knoll, G. Lemmon, R. Li, M. Malin, S. McSween, D. Ming, J. Moersch, R. Parker, J. Rice, L. Richter, R. Rieder, C. Smith, P. Smith, L. Soderblom, R. Tosca, H. Wdowiak, M. Wolff, and A. Bell, W. Farrand, K. Wolff, M. Smith, R.

Clancy, N. Spanovich, B. Whitney, M. Bandfield, D. Banfield, A. Ghosh, G. Landis, P. Christensen, J. Bell, and S. Mittlefehldt, S. Bell, H. Ming, T. Golombek, T. Economou, M. Madsen, T. Wdowiak, B. Jolliff, C. Zipfel, and S. Squyres , Nickel on Mars: Constraints on meteoritic material at the surface , J. Lowenstein, D. Ming, N.

Tosca et al. Gruener, R. Amils and Andrew H. Grotzinger, J. Bell III, W. Calvin, B. Clark, D. Fike, M. Greeley, A. Herkenhoff et al. Carr, B. Des Marais, J. Fischer, J. McLennan, M. Malin, C. Calvin, P. Clark, P. Farrand, D. Fike, R.

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Gellert et al. Graff, R. Bell III, S. Mertzman, J. Gruener, D. Golden, L. Le and G.

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Robinson , Hematite spherules in basaltic tephra altered under aqueous, acid-sulfate conditions on Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii: Possible clues for the occurrence of hematite-rich spherules in the Burns formation at Meridiani Planum, Mars , EPSL , , Squyres , S. Tosca, N. Hurowitz, A. Knoll, C. G oetz, W. Binau, Haraldur P. Gunnlaugsson, Stubbe F. Hviid, Kjartan M. Kinch, Daniel E.

Madsen, Morten B. Ming, Richard V. Morris, Rudolf Rieder, Daniel S. Rodionov, Paulo A. Bell, III, P. Crisp, L. Ehlmann, R. Fergason, J. Haldemann, D. Kass, T. Schofield, S. Haskin, Larry A. Jolliff, Harry Y. McSween, Benton C. Clark, David J. Des Marais, Scott M. McLennan, Nicholas J. Tosca, Joel A. Hurowitz, Jack D. Farmer, Albert Yen, Steve W. Squyres, Raymond E. Banfield, J. Calvin, D. Jerolmack, M. Malin, D. Watters, C. Morris, James F.

Knudson, Benton C.

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Clark, Douglas W. Ming, Joy A. Crisp, Raymond E. Christensen, David J. DesMarais, Paulo A. Economou, Amitabha Ghosh, Brian C. Hahn, Kenneth E. Herkenhoff, Larry A. Haskin, Joel A. Hurowitz, Bradley L. Joliff, Jeffrey R. This assessment is supported by robust evidence from multiple studies using different methods. In particular, the temperature trend attributable to all anthropogenic forcings combined can be more closely constrained in multi-signal detection and attribution analyses.

Consistent with AR4, it is assessed that more than half of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from to is very likely due to the observed anthropogenic increase in WMGHG concentrations. WMGHGs contributed a global mean surface warming likely to be between 0. Together these assessed contributions are consistent with the observed warming of approximately 0.

NAT: Natural variability such as change in solar radiation Internal Variability: Estimated lack of knowledge in current earth models. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How much of the current global warming is due to human influence? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 5 months ago. Active 6 months ago.

Viewed 1k times. When answering, please back up your information! I would think it would be obvious that I'm looking for answers that rely on up-to-date, peer-reviewed and broadly accepted scientific sources. However, your comment does make me think that the "other sources" part of the question is perhaps making the question too broad and may even be redundant , so I will remove that. admin