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28 Reading Incentives That Really Work

Please check back soon! Kids up to age 12 can get a free day at the San Diego County Fair if they read 10 age-appropriate books and have that verified by their teacher or librarian. Download and print the Reading Certificate below, print the name of each book you read, and give the certificate to your teacher or librarian to sign. Then on the day you want to come to the Fair, bring the certificate and show it at the entry gate for admission. Previous Showing reviews of 63 Next. Ticket to Read is fun and entertaining!

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Students are making great gains and loving the learning! I am loving the practice and reinforcement! They love the games and the virtual store!

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I love the skills and practice! It is a win-win!!!

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Ticket to Read is great program for both an on grade level reader and a struggling reader. I have both. Tremendous help for my 2nd grader who needs the phonics and comprehension and my 4th grader who just needs to fine tune her comprehension strategies. Of course the club house is a great motivator.

They love it! I love that they are reading so much more every week than before, and even throughout summer! My children love tickettoread. However I love ticketoread because it is not just about reading but comprehension as well which is key in finding out whether your child actually understands the content they are reading.

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I love Ticket to Read. It is fun and motivating! My students are making great progress and use their own time at home to play! Sign up for the Estacada Library winter reading program, "Set a Course to Read," starting January 9, and you'll be reading for the chance at a bunch of prizes donated by local businesses.

Sign up adults age 18 and over and receive a coffee mug filled with a reading log and other goodies inside. For every five adult, young adult, ebooks or audiobooks read or listened to you'll receive one raffle ticket. Read or listen to more than five books and receive one additional raffle ticket for every five books read. It's that easy. Raffle tickets will be drawn for the many prizes donated for readers who finish the program.

Events will also be a part of this year's winter reading program.

Sight Words - High Frequency Words, Memory Words, Popcorn Words Beginning Readers, Pre-Readers

Win raffle tickets for attending these events!

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