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McCartney himself poked fun at it with his live album, titling it Paul Is Live , with cover art parodying clues allegedly placed on the cover of the Beatles' album Abbey Road. In , Time magazine included "Paul is dead" in its feature on ten of "the world's most enduring conspiracy theories". In early , a rumour circulated in London that Paul McCartney had been killed in a traffic accident while driving along the M1 motorway on 7 January. On 10 October, the Beatles' press officer, Derek Taylor , responded to the rumour stating: "Recently we've been getting a flood of inquiries asking about reports that Paul is dead.

We've been getting questions like that for years, of course, but in the past few weeks we've been getting them at the office and home night and day. I'm even getting telephone calls from disc jockeys and others in the United States. LaBour had invented many of the clues and was astonished when the story was picked up by newspapers across the United States.

At that time of night, WABC's signal covered a wide listening area and could be heard in 38 US states and, at times, in other countries. I can only say it's not true. Before the end of October , several record releases had exploited the phenomenon of McCartney's alleged demise. Proponents of the theory maintained that, in November , McCartney had an argument with his bandmates during a Beatles recording session and drove off angrily in his car, crashed, and was decapitated.

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Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Dozens of supposed clues to McCartney's death have been identified by fans and followers of the legend. These include messages perceived when listening to songs being played backwards and symbolic interpretations of both lyrics and album cover imagery. Lennon later said that the words were actually "Cranberry sauce". Another example is the interpretation of the Abbey Road album cover as depicting a funeral procession. Lennon, dressed in white, is said to symbolise the heavenly figure ; Starr, dressed in black, symbolises the undertaker ; George Harrison , in denim, represents the gravedigger ; and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolises the corpse.

On 21 October , the Beatles' press office again issued statements denying the rumour, deeming it "a load of old rubbish" [40] and saying that "the story has been circulating for about two years — we get letters from all sorts of nuts but Paul is still very much with us". As in his and Linda's segment in the Beatles' promotional clip for " Something ", which the couple filmed privately around this time, McCartney was unshaven and unusually scruffy-looking in his appearance. Irate at the intrusion, he swore at the pair, threw a bucket of water over them and was captured on film attempting to hit the photographer.

Fearing that the photos would damage his image, McCartney then approached the pair and agreed to pose for a photo with his family and answer the reporter's questions, in exchange for the roll of film containing the offending pictures. Following the publication of the article and the photo, in the issue dated 7 November, [45] the rumour started to decline. Perhaps the rumour started because I haven't been much in the press lately.

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I have done enough press for a lifetime, and I don't have anything to say these days. I am happy to be with my family and I will work when I work. I was switched on for ten years and I never switched off. Now I am switching off whenever I can. I would rather be a little less famous these days. In November , Capitol Records sales managers reported a significant increase in sales of Beatles catalogue albums, attributed to the rumour.

Rocco Catena, Capitol's vice-president of national merchandising, estimated that "this is going to be the biggest month in history in terms of Beatles sales". Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour , both of which had been off the charts since February, re-entered the Billboard Top LPs chart, [18] peaking at number and number , respectively. Lee Bailey , who cross-examined LaBour and other "witnesses", including McCartney's friend Peter Asher and Allen Klein, [18] but he left it to the viewer to determine a conclusion. McCartney returned to London in December. Bolstered by Linda's support, he began recording his debut solo album at his home in St John's Wood.

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In his song " How Do You Sleep? LaBour later became notable as the bassist for the western swing group Riders in the Sky , which he cofounded in In , he joked that his success as a musician had extended his fifteen minutes of fame for his part in the rumour to "seventeen minutes". Author Peter Doggett writes that, while the theory behind "Paul is dead" defied logic, its popularity was understandable in a climate where citizens were faced with conspiracy theories insisting that the assassination of President John F.

During the s, the phenomenon became a topic of academic study in America in the fields of sociology , psychology and communications. They also said that for a generation distrustful of the media following the Warren Commission 's report, it was able to thrive amid a climate informed by "The credibility gap of Lyndon Johnson 's presidency, the widely circulated rumors after the Martin Luther King, Jr. Kennedy assassinations, as well as attacks on the leading media sources by the yippies and Spiro Agnew ".

Reeve, Nick Kollerstrom and Brian Moriarty, among others, and exploitative works in the mediums of mockumentary and documentary film. Similar rumours concerning other celebrities have been circulated, including the unsubstantiated allegation that Canadian singer Avril Lavigne died in and was replaced by a person named Melissa Vandella.

There have been many references to the legend in popular culture, including the following examples. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The allegedly backmasked section of "Revolution 9". The same section reversed, which some have believed sounds like "turn me on, dead man". Then there was Magical Mystery Tour , where we three had red roses and he had a black one.

It was just madness There was no way we could prove he was alive. It was a bit weird meeting people shortly after that, because they'd be looking at the back of my ears, looking a bit through me. And it was weird doing the "I really am him" stuff. The same as he couldn't get married It's publicity, isn't it? In this expanded narrative, Lennon's murder in , Harrison's near-fatal stabbing in , and the death of Beatles associate Mal Evans in are all credited to forces protecting the "truth" behind "Paul is dead".

Gadfly Online. Retrieved 27 September The Beatles Book. February Freeport Journal-Standard. Freeport, Illinois. McCartney, his wife and their two children were seen and photographed at Glasgow Airport when they arrived from London Wednesday night. The millionaire pop music star told newsmen he and his wife were going for a two-week holiday on a farm near Campbelltown. Retrieved 19 September London: Emap. Camden, New Jersey. Lodi News-Sentinel.

Detroit Free Press. The Michigan Daily. Michigan Today. Archived from the original on 28 December His senses quickened, he attained an acuity of consciousness at once pleasurable and excruciating. It was something like the elevated state of awareness induced by drugs. And it could be just as addictive, for it made whatever else life offered in the way of delights or torments seem pedestrian. As fighting increased, the additional duty of casualty reporting officer kept me busiest. It was also a job that gave me a lot of bad dreams, though it had the beneficial effect of cauterizing whatever silly, abstract, romantic ideas I still had about war.

My job was simply to report on casualties, enemy as well as our own; casualties due to hostile action and those due to nonhostile causes-the accidents that inevitably occur where there are large numbers of young men armed with lethal weapons or at the controls of complicated machinery.

Artillery shells sometimes fell on friendly troops, tanks ran over people, marines shot other marines by mistake. It was not the simple task it seemed. The military has elaborate procedures for everything, and keeping record of the dead and wounded is no exception. The reports were written on mimeographed forms, one for KIAs, one for WIAs-and for those of you who arent' familiar, KIA stands for killed in action and WIA stands for wounded in action, and a third for nonhostile casualties.

Each form had spaces for the victim's name, age, rank, serial number, and unit, and for the date, the description of his injuries, and the circumstances under which they occurred. If he had been killed, the circumstances were almost always described in the same way, and the words could have served as an epitaph for thousands of men: "killed in action while on patrol vicinity of Danang. The KIA reports were long and complicated.

Much information was required about the dead: their religion, the name and address of their next of kin, beneficiaries of their servicemen's life insurance policies, and whether the money was to be paid in a lump sum or in installments. All reports had to be written in that clincial, euphemistic language military prefers to simple English.

If, say, a marine been shot through the guts, I could not write "shot through the guts" or even "shot through the stomach"; no, I had to say; "GSW" gunshot wound "through and through, abdomen. A device they used frequently was the command-detonated mine, which was set off electrically from ambush. The mines were similar to our Claymore, packed with hundreds of steel pellets and a few pounds of an explosive called C If I recall correctly, the gas-expansion rate of C-4 is 26, feet per second.

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That terrific force, and the hundreds of steel pellets propelled by it, made the explosion of a command-detonated mine equivalent to the simultaneous firing of seventy twelve gauge shotguns loaded with double-O buckshot. Naturally, anyone hit by such a weapon was likely to suffer the "traumatic amputation" of something-an arm, a leg, his head-and many did. After I saw some of the victims, I began to question the accuracy of the phrase.

Traumatic amputation, was precise, for losing a limb is definitely traumatic, but operation. I observed, however, that the human body does not break apart cleanly in an explosion. It tends to shatter into irregular and often unrecognizable pieces, so "traumatic fragmentation" would have been a more accurate term and would have preserved the euphemistic tone the military favored. The shattering or fragmenting effect of high explosive occasionally caused semantic difficulties in reporting injuries of men who had undergone extreme mutilation.

It was a rare phenomenon, but some marines had been so badly manged there seemed to be no words to describe what had happened to them. Sometime that year, Lieutenant Colonel Meyers, one of the regiment's battalion commanders, stepped on a booby-trapped mm shell.

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  4. Chemical Energy And Exergy.

They did not find enough of him to fill a willy-peter bag, a waterproof sack a little larger than a shopping bag. In effect, Colonel Meyers had been disintegrated, but the official report read something like "traumatic amputation, both feet; traumatic amputation, both legs and arms; multiple lacerations to abdomen; through-and-through fragment wounds, head and chest" Then came the redundant notation "killed in action. The battalion adjutants phoned in reports of their units' casualties, and I relayed them to the division combat casualty reporting center.

That was the onlt real difference. A man killed by friendly fire another misleading term, because fire is never friendly if it hits you was just as dead as one killed by the enemy. And there was often an accidental quality even about battle casualties. Stepping on a mine or stumbling over the trip wire of a booby trap is a mishap, really, not unlike walking in front of a car while crossing a busy street. Once the reports were filed, I brought Colonel Wheeler's scoreboard up to date. Covered with acetate and divided into vertical and horizontal columns, the board hung behind the executive officer's desk, in the wood-framed tent where he and the colonel made their headquarters.

In the first four vertical columns were written the number of casualties a particular unit had suffered, in the last three the number it had inflicted on the enemy.

The Rumor of the Dead

After an action, I went into the colonel's quarters, erased the old figures and wrote in the new with a grease pencil. The colonel, an easygoing man in most instances, was adamant about maintaining an accurate scoreboard: high-ranking visitors from Danang and dropped in unannounced to see how the regiment was performing. And the measures of Vietnam were not the distances it had advanced or the number of victories it had won, but the number of soldiers it had killed the body count and the proportion between that number and the number of its own dead the kill ratio.

The scoreboard thus allowed the colonel to keep track of the battalions and companies under his command and, quickly and crisply, to rattle off impressive figures to visiting dignitaries. My unsung task in that statistical war was to do the arithmetic. If I had been an agent of death as a platoon leader, as a staff officer I was death's bookkeeper.

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The driver parked behind the adjutant's tent and hitched the trailer. It tipped forward, the hitch against the ground and the bodies tumbling over on top of each other. A half-severed arm, with a piece of bone protruding whitely through the flesh, flopped over the side of the trailer, then flopped back in again. Stretcher-bearers came up and carried the young woman to the regimental aid station-this was a civilian that was wounded.

The old woman shuffled along behind, spitting blackish-red betel-nut juice into the dust. I checked to make sure there were four bodies. There appeared to be. It was difficult to tell. Tossed around in the trailer, they had become entangled, one barely distinguishable from another. Three of them were entangled, anyway. The fourth did not have arms below the elbow, and his legs had been shot or blown off completely. The others had been mangled in other places. One had been hit in head, his brains and the white cartilage that had moored them to his skull spilling onto the bottom of the trailer.

Another, hit in the midsection, had been turned inside out, the slick, blue and greenish brown mass of his intestines bulging out of him. There was a deep, dark red pool of blood at the low end of the trailer. I turned away from the sight and told the driver to get the bodies out of there. I've got to get back to the motor pool. The driver shrugged. The marine drove away. I went into the tent and told Kazmarack-this was an enlisted man who was one of my assistants-- to take the corpses to the cemetery where the enemy dead were buried.

Kazmarack called it the body dump, and it was more that than a proper cemetery. There isn't much around here, so I guess he wants them to get used to the sight of blood. The Old Man wants these people to get used to sight of blood, and that's what they're going to do. Plenty of other stuff, too, guts and brains. So the corpses were left lying in the sun. admin